Anitec Technology and Engineering, is the group of value-added services, presented in order to obtain the best performance value by the system and to ensure in a manner consistent with the standards of the products constituting the IT infrastructure of our customers with the Maintenance and Support Services, to keep fully active the infrastructure consisting of products taking place on the system, the environment and the communication network.

The Company aims to increase employee and customer satisfaction and productivity by providing IT support services and customer needs and expectations with the most appropriate IT service solutions. Providing the continuity of Firm Information Processing; we offer the services of companies with different options in terms of intervention, upgrade and support to existing technological devices.

Remote Access Support Service

The technical support requested to receive for the problems that arise in server or network systems or for these systems, is provided on internet via remote access. On-site support is provided within the framework of contractual matters to the clients’ problems. By fixing the problem, the request is fulfilled.

Phone Support Service

When a call comes in from a contracted entity, the call center immediately examines the customer’s request and support conditions. If the problem is solvable on the phone, the problem is solved and the call service is terminated. If the request can not be met on the phone, on-site support service is provided within the framework of customer support conditions.

Periodic Support and Maintenance Service

For customers covered by the periodic maintenance service, general maintenance is provided for the contracted products at intervals stipulated in the contract. During periodic maintenance, the devices are checked, the physical connections are checked by removing the faults, if any. In this way, situations that may cause malfunction are avoided and business continuity is ensured by preserving performance.

Service per Call

Service per call is the service where our clients communicate our service center the errors via telephone, fax, e-mail or internet and our service center direct the specialist service personnel to service from the arrival of service request to our service center.