Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems of Anitec Technology, aims to get healthier and more manageable the traffic of employees, students and visitors in the enterprises and institutions. It can be implemented in many areas like the detection of the people’s entry clearance to the existing areas, by doing the follow-up and reporting of entry and exit datas of people, in cafeterias and in many other areas such as car parks with the application of plate recognition systems. Plate recognition systems also with every kind of access systems of turnstile, door and barrier like Chip, Fingerprint, Card and Retine reader are implemented by specialist Anitec Technology teams to function properly.

Access Control Systems of Anitec Technology offers professional solutions to its customers with the simple interface design and easy to use of its applications and devices on:

  • Easy access, management and monitoring,
  • Prevention of external and internal robbery,
  • Providing the continuity control of staff and student,
  • Performance evaluation in institutions and enterprises,
  • Making the most accurate analysis about entry and exit to work, leave days, salary cuts and other informations of the staff
  • And all the similar fields.