Database Solutions

As today’s business processes’ dependency on information technology and on electronic business application and as data volumes and diversity increase correspondingly day by day, accurate and effective management of data begins to have more importance.

Scalability, flexibility, manageability, security and performance, the key features of database systems, can only be transformed into success criteria with effective and sustainable database management strategies, tools and experience.

Anitec aims to offer you a complete and reliable database management based on more than 20 years of database management experience and know-how; it opens the doors to successful institutional applications by supporting all database management activities from installation to integration, disaster scenarios of back-up and restoration, security and performance reporting operations.

Our Database Services:

Extracting the database designs specifically for you and appropriate for your requirements
Performing physical database installations
Providing database security and control
Analyse and question quickly and effectively of needs and problems apart from the management of systems. Making necessary analyzes, preparation of solution proposals and detailed reports.
Ensuring your database runs at high efficiency
Aiming the elimination of the problem in the shortest time with remote connection and / or on-site support methods

Database Service Notions:

Database Installation Service
Database Upgrade Service (upgrade & migration)
Data Protection Service (RAC & Dataguard)
Data Security Service (DB Vault & Audit Vault)
Remote Management Service (Remote DBA)

Database Healthcheck (Healthcheck): As a first step, it is recommended to perform complete check-up of the customer system. It provides the basis for extracting the strategic roadmap necessary to take the organization forward. It is predicted by assuming that the system’s access and related user accounts may have been created within this two day period.

Backup & Recovery Service : Backup and recovery will be implemented in a way to be backed up every day, taking into account customer needs, but can be changed if a different need arises on the customer side.

Disaster Recovery: If there is Disaster Recovery request on customer needs, there are the features that databases provide in order to put into practice. In cases where necessary licenses are available to back up data with replication or mirroring, the backup system for Disaster Recovery is provided.

Database Administration: All database systems need careful management to work at the optimum level. The Security, necessary maintanance and support tasks should be performed against instrusions, which may occur both internally and externally. It will be advantageous for a database administrator to manage the database in order to perform the necessary maintenance tasks and to determine the strategies in the middle and long term.

Software Upgrades: It is assumed that the operating systems have the necessary licence models to load the latest versions and features such as database software and backup recovery replication and performance optimization softwares. With this assumption, new patches and upgrades will be tested first when needed (if available) and then uploaded to the production database.

Audit Log : Audit log processing is carried out in order to serve legal and internal processes of all kinds of transactions on the database.