Security Solutions

With the advanced technology, all personal and corporate data are being stored digitally. All our information that should be kept confidential from important documents, to passwords used, from individual datas to datas containing corporate information, is kept digitally. Although it seems reliable, access to digital data can become public if the necessary precautions are not taken.

Our systems can become defenseless due to errors, deficits and deficiency that may occur in our software. When these explicits are not corrected by updates, our system can become vulnerable to viruses and hacker attacks. For this reason the operating systems and applications that we use. should be kept updated. We need to get our system completely safe with anti-virus programs besides keeping our applications up-to-date.

Over time, there occurs a traffic constantly with personal and corporate mails. All the mails received in this traffic may not be safe. In fact it can be said that every received mail is a threat to our system. In order to prevent this, we need to host the systems managing the received mail traffic in background. E-mail Filtering Systems filters every received mail according to its purpose by scanning it and always keeps our system safe from external threats.

The reliable connections may not always be available in the internet that we use on our system or in our local network systems. For this reason we need firewalls on our systems. By using firewalls not only can attacks that may arise from untrusted sources be prevented but also the existing network traffic can be managed according to defined rules.

As Anitec Technology, our expert team provide to our customers integral security solutions againts all security threats that could occur with the advanced technology. We always provide our customers with world class support from design to set up and then in the following period from maintenance to management of the systems.