Fire Detection and Extinction Systems

Fire Detection and Extinction Systems are used to prevent the loss of life and property caused by fire. As a result of regulations that are put into practice in our country, its use became legally obligatory. These regulations show us the importance of fire and alarm systems in terms of life and property security in living spaces.

Fire Detection and Extinction Systems detecting just at the begining stage of the fire, on all the spaces they are used, they prevent the fire from reaching dangerous and distressing dimensions. The authorities are informed by ensuring that the necessary precautions are taken by means of early fire detection .

Anitec Fire Detection and Extinction Systems assess the situation from the initial stage of the fire thanks to the detectors that provide the fire detection contained therein and provide the building evacuation and support the fire extinction in the direction of the scenarios established before. With the Fire and Alarm Systems the detectors used in the building and the illuminated and audible warnings such as trackable flashers and sirens can be followed and so the evacuation is provided without any loss of life and property and the early intervention is ensured.

Anitec Technology integrates the Fire Extinction systems with the extinction systems it will establish in the spaces like system rooms, historical treasures, libraries, sterile rooms etc. and detection system .

If it is not interfered by the user, when there is an alarm that comes from detection system, the extinction system will be activated and the fire will be  extinguished by means of special gases that are used .