Server and Data Storage Solutions

These days data and information are the most important sources of institutions. For this reason data must be stored, processed and evaluated properly. Modern server and data storage solutions with the advanced technology, are the solutions which help the institutions store and process all the data having different value and priority. Wits the solutions of server and data storage Anitec Technology protects in a healthy and problem-free manner the workflows and datas of organisations, data being managed in a more flexible, smart and easy manner and the needs of access and storage is responded very quickly.

Anitec Technology ensures that the server and data storage systems, softwares, services and data running on the server are controlled, intervened where necessary, the updates are applied and the correct operation of the server is ensured and the data is used in accordance with the workflow.

Anitec Technology provides the followings:
· Ensuring a healthy and continuous operation of the server
· Keeping up-to-date the current software and data on the server
· Control of services 24/7 with server monitoring software
· Instant intervention to problems that may occur about web server, mail server, ftp server, DNS server etc.
· Establishing software for system security and optimization
· Optimizing the service on the server
· Receiving periodically the server backups if supplement backup service is received
· Reinstalling the operating system when necessary