Closed Circuit Camera Systems

The most effective measure to take againts the increases of crime rates these days, is the monitoring and recording of areas with cameras. It’s possible to process informations coming from cameras with image processing devices of advanced technology, to build building, factory and campus automation in coordination with the fire and burglar notification systems, so to keep the security level at the highest grade.

With the inclusion of computer and network technology in Closed Circuit Camera Systems, the need for the use of special cable and control equipment disappeared. The Integration of Closed Circuit Camera Systems with other security systems and building control systems got easier.

Besides monitoring and recording images, cameras become capable to give the alarm without any human intervention and detect various objects, plates and faces with the inclusion of different softwares and hardwares .

As Anitec Technology we start to our Closed Circuit Camera Systems studies with the risk and need analysis and project design. According to the report, we realize implementation, testing and start-up services and delivery with training services. In case of Instituion’s need, we provide post-sales support of high quality and world standard with our expert staff. With the total security solution method, we create smart systems in which the closed circuit camera systems and all electronic systems work in harmony.

Anitec Teknoloji offers integrated solutions on the following systems in the field of Closed Circuit Camera Systems;

  • IP camera systems
  • Fiber infrastructure systems and products
  • Network system and products
  • Server and recording systems
  • Recording and management softwares on demand
  • Thermal Cameras
  • Laser Cameras
  • Industrial Cameras
  • Mobile Camera Systems
  • Traffic Control Systems.