Sound and Announcement Systems

Sound and announcement systems are used to broadcast music in buildings and open spaces and to facilitate the necessary guidance in emergency situations. The purpose of sound and announcement systems is not only to broadcast music and announcements but also to ensure safely that these broadcasts are understandable and continuous.

The size of the areas used for sound and announcement systems, the acoustics of indoor spaces and the capacity to meet special demands that may be born are the factors that must be prioritized in determining the system.

As Anitec Technology we provide, with devices state of the art technology product and its staff each of whom expert in his field, the design and installation of systems which are able to meet every need with different sizes, from one zone to numerous zones, from one management point to thousands of management points.

The installed sound and announcement systems can be operated being integrated with other existing systems that are used. It can work in harmony with systems such as airports, shopping malls and museums, as well as fire detection and notification systems, and automatic announcements and informational messages can be given to the system being pre-programmed.

The products we use as Anitec Technology and the systems we install, besides providing all international safety standards ensures also the advantage of having a wire product range  from a simple analogue system to functional digital systems or IP based systems.