Backup Solutions

Archiving, storage of data created in digital media with developing technology and ensurance of work durability accessing again in a safety way in negative moments and rapid acces to information have become indispensable for corporate life.

The security of the data generated from the growing business volume must be ensured in all conditions. The generated data and backups should be stored at appropriate locations. Disaster recovery scenarios should be established to ensure the business continuity and to prevent the loss of data which may occur as a result of natural disasters, fires and attacks and the system design should be done considering all the negations.

Anitec Technology develops turn-key projects covering entire infrastructure needed for data storage and back-up, security and authorization, required installation and required back-up services with disaster prevention projects. Developing projects with reduced costs by keeping reliability high.

It offers the following services at the highest level with its expert teams about data storage and back-up:

  • Making the configuration of the concerned drives and discs
  • Performing connection tests
  • Creating the necessary infrastructure for the access of systems to data storage infrastructure
  • Making security definitions
  • Offer consulting service for additional development and review of existing systems
  • Making the necessary installations, updating the software
  • Creating infrastructures for data back-up and disaster prevention projects
  • Services of installation and post-installation such as tracking and reporting performance on related disks