Architectural Restoration

Restoration begins with respect for history.

Restoration is a special design and application action performed to protect, repair, strengthen and deliver the architectural works of ancient cultures to future generations.

Historical buildings live with “human”, because it should not be forgotten that “every living space without a life is doomed to collapse and disappear sooner or later”.

In line with this belief, Anitec takes part in restoration implementation projects in this journey that it started at the end of 2016.

Anitec takes care to adapt new technologies in its restorations in accordance with the rules in international declarations.

In other words; Staying loyal to the original architectural character of the building, it uses up-to-date technologies in the calculations and details of the load-bearing system, develops and implements special solutions that extend the life of the building and increase earthquake resistance. At the same time, it supports the building with technological systems to be suitable for use in today’s conditions.