Archaeological Field Work

Archaeological sites, historical buildings and artifacts found there are inherited to future generations.

It is the duty of today’s human to preserve this heritage in accordance with its original and carry it to the next generations with the least damage.

Archaeological restoration is the restoration of the works unearthed as a result of scientific excavations and researches.

The restoration work done on the works is a team work; It is necessary to work many disciplines at the same time. In addition, following internationally accepted methods and applying up-to-date techniques are also important in terms of the restoration of the work in accordance with its original and its long life.

Being aware of all these sensitivities, Anitec takes part in archaeological restoration application projects.

In addition to working many disciplines at the same time in its restoration applications, Anitec restores the works in accordance with the original by using up-to-date application techniques and operates at the point of carrying them to future generations.