Our advisory goal is to contribute to the implementation and determination of IT strategies and investments so that they can use information technology infrastructures more efficiently and effectively while meeting the objectives of the corporations.

We recommend the most appropriate and compatible technologies for our customers at the most critical points of IT such as Database, Virtualization, Network, Storage, server, desktop, information security. This service, which includes analysis studies of total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI), consists of reports and templates which are prepared not only for short but also for medium term targets. Within the prepared reports, we produce proactive solutions in your planning and emergency action strategies and information technology infrastructures.

Our consulting services which cover a very wide field of study, consists of long term and detailed steps suc as evaluating the applications and services to work both on the infrastructures of network-information security to the selection of DataCenter that can provide the most appropriate answer and service and the application services that will work on this infrastructures , their testing in workshop environment if possible, detecting their compatibility status.

We provide added value as a solution partner for our corporate customers with our support services to produce IT projects that will contribute to the company’s productivity and profitability with its method and model and proactively operate the produced projects.