Virtualization Solutions

Depending on the growing server needs of institutions and work places; au point de deficiency of cooling systems, of energy and physique fields virtual machines are used as the ideal solution and by means of this the efficient use of systems is provided. When the efficiency for the future of the investments is considered, it abolishes various software and hardware dependencies, adapts easily to advanced technology and so provides important savings for the institutions in the costs of new product and development of service .

Virtualization Solutions also mean having an open data processing platform that has become critical at the same time for institutions and work places. Not depending on a fixed hardware provide means satisfaying in the most modern and rapid way the instant need for source in the projects, producing technological soltions to the indispensable issues such as having a centralized management.

Anitec Technologie offers solutions to help you create data processing systems reducing financial losses, and safe with its expert staff on server and desktop virtualization. It provides reliable and sustainable services from installation to post-sales support.

Anitec Technology by means of Virtualization Services implements on highest standards the maximum efficiency in the institutions with the projects it carries out about;

Decrease in hardware and operational costs

In use capacities and options of equipment

Centralized management of systems.